Harley has been a life-saver. Before I started with Harley, I was experiencing daily lower back pain but now, because of Harley's individualised treatment program, my pain is manageable and I have conquered my fear of movement. Harley is professional, dedicated and a genuinely great person to be around. 10/10 thanks Harley.




Thank you so much Harley Fox!  Before my experience with Fox Fitness I was terrified at the thought of ‘working out’.  As an older person, I faced the gym and left on my first visit feeling VERY old and unfit.  The lady from that gym called me back, and I said no thanks - it was too intimidating!

Harley’s approach was different - he met me where I was at and started out with a routine that I could do at home (yeah!) and then gave me progressions of the exercises.  We checked in on Skype regularly and he reinforced it was important to just start where I was at, to stick with it, and sure enough I have.  And I’m progressing quickly now with more confidence too!  I am so pleased to have Harley’s guidance and encouragement in my goal to become healthier in 2020.  



Harley made it possible for me to believe I could exercise even though I was sceptical, I gave it a try.  I noticed almost immediate benefits by following the program he tailored for me and my issues.  I am walking up the stairs with zero pain now!  Thanks Harley.



Ever since seeing Harley my life has changed! I've seen many different specialists in regards to my constant back pain over the last 10 years and haven't found anything that helped. But in only a few short months I feel like a whole new person! For the first time in as long as I can remember I can comfortably sit in my car and drive, sleep, work, and most importantly enjoy my life.

Could not recommend Harley enough !




Joining Healthy Fox has been a game changer for me. Within five months Harley has helped to shape me into a person who looks forward to training and feels amazing and happy after finishing sessions. I'm achieving fitness goals with my body I never thought possible! My fitness had been a back-of-the-mind goal for so many years but joining Healthy Fox turned it into a priority. All I can think is, why didn't I do this sooner?! I love it so much! Thanks to him and the crew I have a whole new belief in myself, my body and what I can strive to achieve. I'm stronger than I knew and that's been a beautiful discovery.

Thanks HF



A few of us from work reluctantly drag ourselves to Suncorp Stadium after work to see Harley for a bootcamp session... But once we arrive, Harley spreads his energy throughout the team and gets us feeling ready to take on his next challenge! He is a brilliant fitness coach and tailors the training perfectly amongst the different fitness levels in our team.

We would all recommend Harley if you want to become healthier, stronger and fitter.

Excite Media - Paddington



We used The Healthy Fox for corporate boot camps for over 12 months. Everyone loved it and always looked forward to it each week.-Harley caters to all fitness levels and always mixes up the sessions so no one gets bored. He is very focussed on making sure everyone gets the most out of his time and was equally motivating and fun. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

AP Eagers - Newstead

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